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 SmartLog 4 - EDT
SmartLog 4 is a powerful, GSM/GPRS tracking and monitoring device for real-time fleet management and tracking solutions for public, commercial and private sector applications. With advanced and highly integrated management features, SmartLog 4 is an ideal solution for vehicle diagnostics, fuel consumption monitoring, and maintenance scheduling. SmartLog 4 also detects and prevents unauthorized vehicle use by immobilizer and real-time alerts via Web portal or by SMS notification. As an integrated tracking, driver behavior and vehicle monitoring package, SmartLog 4 makes a significant contribution to savings in fuel and overall fleet operation and maintenance costs. Completely integrated with EDT’s WorldFleetLog Web-based tracking and monitoring solution, Smart- Log 4 passively generates data and provides real time, accurate and reliable information regarding vehicle location, vehicle status, and driver behavior. Generated reports based on user-defined parameters and current GPS coordinates are easily accessed by designated fleet managers.As an integral part of cost-effective automotive telematics systems, the SmartLog 4 encourages eco-drive practices to reduce CO2 emissions and vehicle wear and tear.
SmartLog 4 Key Features
Traditional Fleet Management, and Much More SmartLog 4 delivers all of the traditional fleet management benefits found in EDT’s SmartLog product line, including event reports such as Start/End Trip, Speeding, Idle Time, Excessive Acceleration/Deceleration, Odometer readings, Vehicle location, Accident Analysis and Driver Identification.
Real Time Battery Management - The SmartLog 4 features real time battery alerts for the vehicle battery and the SmartLog 4 backup battery, including:
  • Vehicle battery disconnect/reconnect and discharge/recharge alert
  • Backup battery level, low alert and On/Off alert
Prioritized Data Loggers - The SmartLog 4 provides three data loggers to accumulate and to transmit data. Prioritized data loggers insure that high priority messages are transmitted first
New and Improved Alerts - New alerts and improvements to many of the traditional SmartLog alerts, include:
Fuel Refuel/Theft alert: implementation based on the vehicle fuel tank calibration, performed via SmartLog 4 configuration tool software
Medium and Tight Turn Alerts: implemented by GPS
Parking Alert: provides a notification if the vehicle is moving when it is supposed to be parked
Movement Alert: provides a notification if the vehicle is parked when it is supposed to be moving
Shock Alert: based on accelerometer input and user defined settings to detect any unusual vibration that could be interpreted as a theft attempt
Additional Benefits
Additional SmartLog 4 benefits include:
Unlock Doors: An SMS command enables users to remotely unlock the vehicle doors
Car Finder: This SMS command sounds the vehicle horn 10 times according to a hard-coded horn cycle
Over the Air updates: SmartLog 4 supports Over the Air (OTA) system and firmware updates
GPS antenna monitor detects antenna disconnect and short circuit events and provides a relevant alert

GPS Specification
Supports antenna short circuit detection
Supports AssistNow Online and AssistNow Offline, OMA SUPL compliant
Frequency: 1575.42 MHz
Receiver Type: 50 Channels GPS GALILEO Open Service L1 frequency
Time to First Fix:
Cold Start (Autonomous): 32s
Warm Start (Autonomous): 32s
Hot Start (Autonomous): <1s
Aided Starts: <3s
Tracking and Navigation: -160dBm
Reacquisition: -160dBm
Cold Start (Autonomous): -143dBm
Horizontal Position Accuracy
Autonomous <2.5m
SBAS <2.0m
Altitude: 50000m
Velocity 500m/s
GSM/GPRS Modem Specification
Quad-band EGSM: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Control via AT commands
SIM interface
Sleep mode
GPRS data
Ring indicator to monitor incoming SMS and call
Audio microphone capability allows silent listening
External Digital Inputs
Ignition Switch
Push button
4 Digital Inputs
External Digital Outputs
Three external digital outputs with open collector capability
Two external digital outputs with Totem Pole or Open Collector capability
External Pulse Inputs
External Analog Inputs
3 Analog inputs - A/D range 0VDC—30VDC
Immobilizer Relay Contacts
There are three internal immobilizer relay contacts. Either the normally open (NO) or the normally closed (NC) contacts can be sensed via the HOT_WIRE signal.
Communication Interfaces
RS 232 x 2
Dallas iButton
Dallas temperature sensor
External Green LED
External Red LED

Standards Demand 
  • GM Worldwide Engineering Standards GMW3172, Paragraph 5.7
  • GM Worldwide Engineering Standards GMW3172, Paragraph 5.8.1
  • GM Worldwide Engineering Standards GMW3172, Paragraph 5.8.2
  • GM Worldwide Engineering Standards GMW3172, Paragraph 5.6.2 


About the company  
E-Drive Technology (EDT) is a manufacturer and provider of smart fleet management, fuel management, and telematic solutions for the automotive industry since 1988.EDT’s owner, Road Track Holding, provides telematics, fleet management, vehicle security and vehicle recovery systems to large automotive manufacturers in Latin America.EDT develops its own proprietary hardware, firmware, and management software products in an integrated development environment. Implementing the highest software quality standards together with selected electronic components, EDT delivers reliable and cost effective end to end solutions to its customers. 



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