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Radar Sign for Intelligent speed Adaptation - Interplex Solar L.T.D

Interplex Solar's Radar Feedback Speed Signs are an essential component in traffic calming solutions that help reduce the threat of serious accidents by providing Driver Feedback of current Speed. Drivers will typically reduce their Speed to posted Limits when confronted with our Feedback Sign alerting them to a Speed Limit Violation - an  Intelligent Speed Adaptation.

By Employing the Interplex Solar Speed Feedback Signs, compliance to posted Speeds will increase dramatically. Getting Drivers alerted to Speed Limits and seeing a significant reduction in speeds will help reduce serious accidents and fatalities. Our Speed Feedback signs are even more essential today to alert distracted drivers to observe and comply with posted Limits.

The Interplex Solar Speed Feedback signs are designed and built with leading edge technology to provide consistent, effective operation. Quality construction provides years of trouble free service.

The units can be permanently mounted or used in temporary situations. Other important features include:

  • Intelligent Controller
  • High performance  software and data Collection option.
  • Expandable Interfaces with GPRS/GSM options
  • Built-In Professional Radar with Adjustable Radar Sensitivity
  • High Intensity two color LED package
  • Auto Nighttime LED Dimming.
  • Solar Powered for easy installation and to reduce the cost of hard wiring.
  • Weather Resistant Construction.


For IS-YSRD-1013 (With data collection function):
  • Doppler Radar, K-band, 24.150GHz, detect distance up to 1,000 Feet
  • Aluminium housing (28 in. x 23.5 in)
  • LED panel (17 in. x 13" in.)
  • Main controller
  • Bluetooth module
  • Solar charge controller
  • 80W solar panel
  •  IP 54
​For regular sign:
  • Doppler Radar, K-band, 24.150GHz, detect distance up to 500 Feet
  • Aluminium housing (28 in x 23.5 in.)
  • LED panel (17 in. x 13 in.)
  • Main controller
  • Solar charge controller
  • 80W solar panel
  • IP 54A ie8� 0j an style='font-size:9.0pt;font-family:"Arial","sans-serif";mso-fareast-font-family: "Times New Roman";color:#767676'>.80W solar panel
  • IP 54

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About the company  

INTERPLEX SOLAR is a leading provider of Innovative Solar Solutions. With offices worldwide, our global reach allows us to draw upon resources and talent to design, develop and distribute superior Solar Systems and products. The company team strives to deliver high quality, high performance systems that harness and enables the limitless of the sun to provide clean, economical and effective solutions. Since its foundation in 1986 INTERPLEX SOLAR has grown to become one of the leaders in the field of solar energy systems for a wide variety of marketplaces.




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