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Belisha Beacon - Solar Pedestrian warning light - Interplex Solar L.T.D
Interplex Solar powered pedestrian crossing (Belisha) beacon, bolt the unit on top of a pole. No infrastructure services required. The Belisha beacon has been developed by modifying the Interplex Solar IS820 solar marine/aviation beacon that has a proven track record of ruggedness and reliability of over 10 years. The result is identical to a traditional belisha beacon and gives 360 degree visibility. Motorists are familiar with the Belisha beacon on pedestrian crossings and consequently slow down when approaching and stop if pedestrians are on the crossing. the solar beacon will operate automatically from dusk - dawn anywhere throughout the year; Belisha solar beacons will operate continuously 24/7.

  • Stand alone unit that can be installed anywhere.
  • No maintenance required.
  • 80,000 hours LED bulb.
  • 10 years battery life.
  • Ideal for both permanent and temporary crossings.
  • The most environmentally friendly light on the market.


  • Light Source: High intensity LED.
  • Flash Rate: 65/min +/- 10%.
  • Intensity: Exceeds 36 CD.
  • Viewing Distance: 1km+.
  • Power Supply: 2 or 4 1.5v D Alkaline cells. 12 Alkaline D cells with optical bases.
  • Operating Cycle: 200/400/1200 hours.
  • Model Available: Automatic Operation - Flashing day and night.
  • Lens: High Impact Optical Polycarbonate with UV protection
  • Base: High Impact Polypropylene with UV protection.
  • Dimesions: 195mmX90mmx235mm.
  • Weight: 0.78kg.


Standards Demand
Interplex Belisha Beacon solar Pedestrian warning light meets the standards of ISO 9001.  

Belisha performance clips


About the company

INTERPLEX SOLAR is a leading provider of Innovative Solar Solutions. With offices worldwide, our global reach allows us to draw upon resources and talent to design, develop and distribute superior Solar Systems and products. The company team strives to deliver high quality, high performance systems that harness and enables the limitless of the sun to provide clean, economical and effective solutions. Since its foundation in 1986 INTERPLEX SOLAR has grown to become one of the leaders in the field of solar energy systems for a wide variety of marketplaces.





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