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D Beacon - Solar warning light - Interplex Solar L.T.D
Interplex Solar D-Beacon is a versatile, state of the art Warning Light with unparalleled performance. The unit employs leading edge technology with on board back up battery capability. The high output driver coupled to the LED array delivers bright light output for years without the need to change bulbs. The unit can be supplied with a post, magnetic base or barricade base for different mounting options. The unit is deployed in airports, barges, bridges, roadways, etc. It Operates automatically from Dusk to Dawn its standard 2 D cell battery compartment offers a safety back up during inclement weather conditions or where sunlight and recharging may be compromised for a period of time. It provides an economical alternative to costly hardwired and conventional flashing light systems.


  •  Light Source: Optical High Intensity LED's
  •  Flash Rate: 65 p / min. +/- 10%.
  •  Viewing Distance: 500m+
  •  Power Supply: Rechargeable NiMH
  •  Back Up Battery: 2 Alkaline LR20 D Cells (** Not included - Recommended in Winter)
  •  Operational Life: Up to 5 years
  •  Charging : One day provides for 3 - 5 days operation*
  •  Lens: Virgin Optical Polycarbonate with UV protection
  •  Base: Virgin ABS with UV protection
  •  Colour: Red / Amber
  •  Completely Weatherproof
  •  Dimension: 106 x 106 x 119
  •  Weight: 433g.
 Optional Accessories:
1. Superior Magnetic base
2. Barrier & Cone Adapter Base
*Note: due to variable seasonal weather conditions



Standards Demand
Interplex D Beacon solar warning light meets the standards of ISO 9001.  




About the company

INTERPLEX SOLAR is a leading provider of Innovative Solar Solutions. With offices worldwide, our global reach allows us to draw upon resources and talent to design, develop and distribute superior Solar Systems and products. The company team strives to deliver high quality, high performance systems that harness and enables the limitless of the sun to provide clean, economical and effective solutions. Since its foundation in 1986 INTERPLEX SOLAR has grown to become one of the leaders in the field of solar energy systems for a wide variety of marketplaces.





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