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Buss stop Solar illumination - Interplex Solar L.T.D


nterplex Solar's Bus Stop/Shelter Lighting provides Transit Authorities a simple, effective lighting solution that helps promote rider ship and increase commuter safety. Once installed, Transit Passengers will feel safer with lighted areas at night rather than waiting in the dark. Interplex Solar's Lighting can be configured to meet the specific needs of each individual Bus Stop.

The Interplex Solar Bus Stop Lighting system installs in minutes and saves thousands of dollars when compared to digging trenches and running wires. The System is virtually Maintenance Free as the LED lighting has a life span of over 100,000 hours so there is no need to change bulbs.

In addition, there are no electrical costs as the unit operates "Off the Grid". The System is completely weatherproof and built to the highest quality standards. The system comes with a 2 Year Warranty Installation is quick and simple and can be completed by Transit Staff or Interplex Solar can arrange the installation(s).




  • Solar panel:  solar cells - High quality Monocrystallin
  • Battery:  adapted to the requested system.
  • Light source:  LED bulbs line -; 12V High Intensity LED 50,000 - hours of operation.
  • Charge Controller:  Solar Charge Controller system.
  • Fixture: Design appropriate to each station.


Standards Demand
Interplex Buss stop lighting system  meets the standards of ISO 9001.  




About the company

INTERPLEX SOLAR is a leading provider of Innovative Solar Solutions. With offices worldwide, our global reach allows us to draw upon resources and talent to design, develop and distribute superior Solar Systems and products. The company team strives to deliver high quality, high performance systems that harness and enables the limitless of the sun to provide clean, economical and effective solutions. Since its foundation in 1986 INTERPLEX SOLAR has grown to become one of the leaders in the field of solar energy systems for a wide variety of marketplaces.





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