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Mentoring sys.          
Training and mentoring

Training and mentoring systems are used by learning technologies to improve driving skill and orientation in space, as a preparatory to driving high quality. Can be found in two main areas in this category:

Development of cognitive capacities - regular ongoing training systems (computer programs dedicated), whose function is to develop, improve and maintain the mental ability to focus attention, to process data in real time and make intelligent decisions. The data processing 

system contains three main components that can be trained to develop: 
  • Short-term memory (view objects in space at a given moment). 
  • Working memory (memory that lasts tens of seconds or more with it we process information based on data we absorbed the just order of their appearance and the extent of their relevance to us).
  • Long-term memory (information stored in the "brain archive" and serve as the basis for data comparison, today, building a strategy and implementing tactics). 

Development of motor abilities - training and motor systems (computer programs  or simulators), used for teaching movement skills (improving coordination), required for quality of driving tasks (eye contact, hand movements steering refinement, synchronization movements to instill thinking patterns of movements that acquiring the underlying real-time decision making) .  

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