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Description of products

MSL company and co manufacture SolarPath Sun Solutions , offers a variety of solar lights marking the (cat's eyes), based on a series LightMark LED technology enable to see them from a large distance (bright light waves with high clarity), even under difficult visibility conditions (fog, rain, darkness). Check the road lights, appear in several colors (standard certified). headlights charges by sunlight use innovative technology (Ultra Capacitor), short duration of load (up to three hours), long-lighting time (up to 50 hours without charge) their life expectancy reaches 7 years or more (up to 3 times the conventional batteries) . The investment in maintaining the lights system is low. Providers tension (energy source that does not contain toxic acids and leak resistance), are kept for a long time without the high heat melt the asphalt hamster solar radiation that contribute to maintaining the environment. Road lamps – "Cat eyes" is simple to install, without limiting design or implementation options without having the needs for wiring or an external energy source. IPM are not required constant maintenance of an electrician and install extremely safe due to the fact that they operate on very low because of hermetically closing.

 Demonstration clips:
 Croswalk at night time 

    Highway at night time


Products in the category:
S2X S20 T1 T2 M1 M2
   R1   R2   C2    

About us

Moon Solar Light Company Ltd. (MSL-LTD.) develops manufactures and markets solar products in Israel and abroad - check buttons active solar, solar in pavement flash lights , trails and parks (Solar Street Light.) Solar decorative tiles Stairs Trail Marking, walls, etc... The company's products are environmentally friendly green. The company's products approved by standards such as CE TUV IDA FSA and the Ministry of Transport.
SolarPath Sun Solutions (established by MSL- LTD), provides solar energy based solutions to answer the growing need for sustainable energy products in the age of environmental and economical awareness. The variety of products, utilizing the latest sustainable energy advances, is all carefully selected to answer today's industry needs and express the company vision: Economical, Green products, environmentally safe, Long lasting and reliable, Versatile and customizable, Easy, simple and safe to install.


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