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Ituran fleet management

Ituran Company provides vehicle fleet companies managing vital information about the behavior of drivers in more vital information needed to manage fleet in a cost-effective and controlled manner. Systems individually tailored to any organization / company, to provide real-time information from complexity end- units that installed in the car and database management software. Complex vehicle sensors, record the load on the engine, utilizing the electrical system, braking system or steering action to ensure that the use of a vehicle is cost-effective manner, while reducing environmental pollution. In addition, tracking the location of all vehicle travel different route, allowing the company manager more flexibility in managing changing conditions to provide the fleet a better and more efficient clientele company. Vehicle fleet management systems of Iturann provides fleet manager interface for BI (business intelligence) Advanced and simple to operate - to analyze the data and producing reports in various sections. Knowledge of the data generated by the system, contributing to two major benefits:
  • Increases driver safety, thanks to a recent tracking of vehicle performance and control all the various systems that affect driving notified automatically when an accident and are the focus Ituran predefined recipients (SMS, email).
  • Financial savings resulting from lower operational costs resulting from driver behavior directly (fuel, reducing wear on different systems in a car - brakes, tires, etc.) and reducing the number of accidents, by improving how to use the vehicle.
  • The fleet manage system, consecutively accessible 24/7 from every where by Ituran application- APP to Smartphones (Android / iPhone).


  • End unit with acceleration sensor, which identifies acceleration on 3 axes and measures absolutely all the forces acting on the vehicle, the frequency of tenths of a second set of sensors and tracking load on the engine, electric power, oil pressure and more.
  • Identify and analyze software maneuvers, processor installed on the vehicle, analyzes the forces as measured acceleration sensor, and checks in real time whether conducted for maneuver in terms of structure and forces one of dozens of dangerous maneuvers defined maneuvers (three levels of hardware).
  • Real-time communications between the vehicle and the server system (see below), combined with RF technology and GPRS.
  • Central server, whose job to collect the resulting data system allows statistical analysis of driver behavior and performance vehicle travel route in parallel position in relation to time of arrival destination, while allowing for active management linked to the driver via SMS, or as needed and more.


Standards Demand
Fleet Managing System of Ituran meeting the demands of ISO 9001  



About the company
Ituran with you all along. Ituran is the leading company in advanced vehicle detection and protection to the driver. Ituran specializes in preventing theft, vehicle detection, information services, and navigation assistance on the road. Advanced services to provide Ituran - 540,000 customers throughout the world peace of mind a safe trip for more than - 15 years. Centers of activity of Ituran world: Israel, Argentina, Brazil and within international activities is also active technology providers in China and South Korea. 


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