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Infrastructure systems are all technologies that provide the possibility of ground movement causes (vehicles, people) from one place to another. Transportation infrastructures combine from traffic routes (roads, railroads, sidewalks, bridges, etc.); above them we have the possibility of vehicle's movement (cars, trains, two wheels of a vehicle, etc.) and pedestrian's movement.

Infrastructure domain, contains a vast range of technologies:
  • Low tech Technologies - Platforms of the various road vehicles moving them (the chemical composition of asphalt and his ilk), aid traffic management (traffic signs, markings through) protection and safety measures (railings and fences separating absorption) to transfer information infrastructure (cable broadcast satellite).
  • High tech technologies - electronic systems used for transportation/prob data (tracking cameras congestion travel, motion sensors at intersections) safety management systems of transportation (active crossing crossings, traffic lights and intelligent) systems, emergency (rescue vehicles priority).
Traffic cameras
In pavement mark
Traffic lights
Cellolar parking
Solar sign

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