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ITS Organizations Web-Conference
ITS Organizations Web-Conference
ITS Organizations managements are invited take part in  ITS Organizations Web-Conference.
The conference will take place on Tuesday, 24th of May 2011 between 12:00-13:00 (GMT).
Topics for discussion:
  • 12:00: 12:15(GMT)      Niko Anten - ITS Netherlands (Connekt)  activities projects with relevancy for international cooperation
  • 12:15: 12:30(GMT)      Eran Reuveni- ITS Israel  activities & projects with relevancy for international cooperation.
  • 12:30: 12:45(GMT)      Tom Kern (ITSA) Framing ITS organizations challenges & initiating an on going open discussion.
  • 12:45: 12:59(GMT)      Eran Reuveni - Presenting the ITS Business Virtual park as a communication platform for supporting ITS Organizations cooperation.
 The web -conference shall be conducted using Skype number:

The Web-Conference shall be accessible at ITS World Portal website:

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