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ITS Israel conferenc - Expert meeting
Expert Meetings 14
 ITS System Engineering Challenges
Monday, May 23-rd
Sponsoredby Gordon Center, Technion
ITS (intelligent transportation systems) holds a major potential for improvement in any national transportation systems. Yet, this potential improvement is depended upon a large scale deployment of ITS products, equipments   building blocks as: Traffic monitoring systems, information systems, communication channels, Onboard car equipment (GPS devices, radar systems, green box), road side equipment(VMS, LCS) , hand held equipment (mobile, smart-phones), public transportation management systems & more.
ITS Deployment projects are facing the following challenges:   large number of stake holders, highly integrated open architecture solutions, requirements for interoperability, Interchangeability, compliance with national ITS architecture & international & local national standards. Looking at these challenges makes systems engineering a key success factor in any ITS deployment project.

The Gordon center for systems engineering
initiated several research projects in this domain and also sponsored a special session on Systems Engineering in the 5th ITS Israel conference, covering the following topics:
  • Systems engineering challenges in ITS-(Mrs. Sharon Shoshany)
  • Managing interoperability in unsynchronized arrays of ITS system- (Mrs. Miri Sitton)
  • ITSIA-National ITS architecture project -(Mr. Ofer Porat)
  • Interfaces standards for ITS applications for transit- (Mr. Shay Jerbi)
  • SE aspects of student challenge project (Formula Student Electric, Afeka Academic College of Engineering)

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