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ITS Deployment Center mission statement:
To support the deployment of ITS based services by forming an open market place for exchange of know-how, tools, facilities, solutions architectures & compliance ITS modules.
The national ITS Deployment center concept:
  • ITS Deployment Center missions: 
v      To collaborate with local and international professional organizations involved in developing methodologies for FOT & ITS deployment activities.
v     To adopt, adapt and publish the agreed methodologies to carry out deployment processes in Israel.
v      To train consultants to perform processes in accordance with these methodologies.
v     To maintain a database of contacts regarding test equipment, integrations labs, simulation & analysis tools or FOT facilities required to perform various steps in the deployments process.
v      To maintain a database of contacts regarding experts & consultants (from Israel and abroad) with required experience to conduct deployment processes.
v     To support agreements formulation process between stakeholders, consultants, owners of test facilities involved in the deployment activities.
v     To maintain a web application that enables ITS DC members to retrieve information regarding all deployment projects & activities.
v     To establish and manage a "library" to allow access to methodology documents, interim reports and summary reports from experiments and tests for ITS.
v     To conduct a debriefing for every deployment project & to publish lesson learned.
  • ITS Deployment Center (ITS DC) principles of operation:
v     ITS DC shall be formalized as standalone business entity.
v     The ITS DC shall be formulated as an open JV to all interested parties to join as senior partners or associated partners at latter time.
v     It is proposed to formulate senior partners & associated partners rights & obligations.
v     ITS DC partners shall have an open access & visibility to business opportunities & may choose to be a part of the decision process that determines project methodology, facilities, analysis tools etc.
v     Since ITS DC is designed to be a non collocated organization an effort should be made to develop a communication platform / virtual environment (website, 3D visualization) to make the all CSC activities visible to all.

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