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GreenRoad Events Data Recorder (green box)
GreenRoad Events Data Recorder (green box), is a system based on technology designed for managing driving safety by providing feedback that mirrors driving patterns. System installed in the car, records the events driving through advanced software lab and information that comes from sensors installed in vehicle. The software creates a behavioral profile of the practice of vehicle in real time, when the scale parameters define the driver ranks "cautious" and "dangerous." If exceptions are identified driving patterns characterized by extreme fluctuations sharp transitions between acceleration deceleration, steering right and left, and suddenly lanes crossing, Immediate visual and vocal feedback sends to the driver in the same time information is sent to the center of Internet data collection is privileged to access only the driver and fleet manager / owner).

Feedback provided they are in real time and web-based reports detailed, contains 4 levels of detail:
  • Individual trip level - exceptional detail events that occurred during the trip.
  • Driver level - Cumulative Score safety information during extended period (the system can distinguish between different drivers who drive the same vehicle).
  • Level of the vehicle - Safety score for all travel undertaken by car.
  • Level of fleet - the system gives feedback on the conduct of the entire fleet's safety.
Information retrieval can be by using a personal code, or by the fleet manager composition if the vehicle is a company belongs, to receive a picture about driving patterns, when the use of information collected, allows vehicle fleet managers, insurance companies and private clients improve over time the safety leader and fuel consumption their. Services it offers by GreenRoad Company, also incorporate training and ongoing production and advanced reports encouraging drivers to improve safety leader.


  • 3 LED display - Provides real-time feedback to drivers to help them improve driving behavior.
  • Dallas key sensor - Allows driver identification to enable associating drivers to vehicles in cases where a vehicle is driven by multiple drivers over time.
  • G-force/accelerometer sensor - Senses forces experienced by the vehicle to asses driving behavior.
  • GPS module & antenna - Provides location, speed, & heading information to inform driver behavior assessment / analysis and vehicle location functionality.
  • GSM modem & antenna - Allows ongoing communication between the in-vehicle device and GreenRoad’s internet based servers.
  • Device module - Includes the ‘brain and guts’ of the device - processor, memory, control & communication protocol, etc.
  • Audio speaker - Enables voice/sound feedback to the driver - part of the device module.
  • Interface ports - Allows for integration of / communication with peripheral components, including 3rd party in-vehicle technologies - part of the device module.
  • Power connector - Provides power to the   device (via connection to vehicle battery or ignition wire tap).

Standards Demand
 GreenRoad Events Data Recorder have the ISO standards and the Israeli demands standards.

Performance evaluation study accompanied the green box for several years. The studies are conducted by various bodies involved in transportation safety, including the National Road Safety Authority, Technion and Green Light Association. Findings from studies conducted by the Technion and Green Light Association - which were published in scientific journals - indicate that there is a clear statistical and significant correlation between grade level of safety and the driver history of accidents. So, drivers that identified by the box drivers as "red" - are drivers with multiple events - most involved in accidents, and vice versa – drivers that identify as "green" less involved in accidents. Other studies indicate that the feedback provided by the system, under conditions of proper and close management, there is a moderating influence on patterns of aggressive driving.

More information References to studies can be found on the green light

Israeli Start-up GreenRoad Technologies Gets Boost from Al Gore
6tweetsretweet Submitted by Ira Moskowitz on February 23, 2010 
Former US Vice President and Nobel Prize winner Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management cleantech fund led a $10 million financing round for the Israeli start-up GreenRoad Technologies, the Globes business newspaper reported on Monday. GreenRoad Technologies will use the new injection of capital to accelerate the deployment of its GreenRoad 360 service among existing and new customers. GreenRoad 360 provides drivers and fleet managers with real-time feedback and analysis of drivers’ abilities and driving patterns. The company says that driving behavior is the largest single contributor to fuel efficiency, and that billions of dollars could be saved each year by improving driving conduct. Link to the news

About the company
GreenRoad, a global pioneer in improving driving behavior, empowers drivers and fleets to reduce crashes, improve fuel economy and reduce overall vehicle operating costs.The GreenRoad service focuses on prevention and is driver-friendly while still ensuring accountability for driver behavior. It acts as a personalized driving coach providing immediate feedback to help measure, improve and sustain safe and fuel-efficient driving behavior. Commercial customers include industry leading fleets in trucking, public transit, telecommunications, service delivery and public safety. Publicly announced customers include Ryder Logistics, LeFleur Transportation, Ericsson and the UK Ministry of Defence. The company also serves consumers primarily through its partners in the insurance industry.


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