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Driving monitoring systems

Driving monitoring systems are designed to track the performance of various vehicle components, for the construction aspect of driving safety profile operational aspect - economic. Most systems rely on GPS and cellular technologies that allow receiving an updated image from anywhere, any time.

Safety aspect, expressed overall driving quality steering, accelerations, decelerations, momentum, respectively, the route of the road, speed limit by law in any part of the route of driving loads on systems driving the vehicle at any stage. Result of construction of driving safety profile, is allowing the driver to ensure that departing for his mission, to prevent unnecessary risks to environment.

Operational aspect - economic expressed (mainly vehicle fleets), the ability to track quality performance in terms of vehicle load on the engine, tires and braking erosion, fuel and electricity consumption of the proper operation of all vehicle systems (including cooling systems leading fleets of food, etc.) . This tracking allows vehicle fleet manager to change patterns of the factors driving waste gas accelerated depreciation of the various vehicle systems and allow the owner of the company greater operating profit simultaneously reduce air pollution.

Monitoring in driving, can be found in several systems:
  • Event Data Recorder - performance systems calculating different driver driving safety profile. Most of the systems provide immediate feedback to the driver at the same time update the central database of the owner / fleet manager.
  • Vehicle fleet management systems - complex systems are possible beyond the creation of safe driving profile, also created operational profile of all fleet includes fuel economy, reducing wear and effective management of the company against the needs and tasks of its customers.
  • Detection and security systems - systems that allow immediate identification of stolen vehicles on the location of the vehicle or driver's driving patterns of criminal endangers the public) are not characteristic of the owner.

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