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The trade catalog for safety products in transportation

ITS association with "green light" (non-profit organization) and National Road Safety Authority, focused on promoting cooperation and assimilation of technologies and processes of transportation safety among the general public at all fleets and organizations. The first goal of the Association works was to establish areas of knowledge and safety technologies. To promote this goal, it was decided to initiate the establishment of the Forum to implement safety technologies. Designation of the forum, to expand the use of safety technologies all over the glob by extending public awareness, support decision-making processes of the administrative chain organizations and activities to promote assimilation levers promoting systemic expressed in normal processes and legislation, insurance discounts, tax breaks and more. Achieving goals is based on steps and activities focused on several areas: investment in deploying safety technologies among transport companies and organizations. Safety technology mapping, and create the complete catalog for safety transportation technologies and products.
Transportation safety products catalog is intended to bring before the public complete and reliable information about the safety of advanced technologies currently proposed vehicle transportation market in the world. Singularity of the catalog is a user presentation of information - include technical information, functional information, and access relevant research examples and actual implementation. Types of catalog products include passenger protection systems, auxiliary systems and driver safety systems, road infrastructure, information and communication systems, safety systems for pedestrians, public transportation systems, programming systems to improve motor skills, cognitive skills, technology architecture and transportation infrastructure, driver monitoring systems, fleet management systems Vehicle traffic management systems.
Driver aid sys.   Comunication & Info.   Pasenger safeyt sys.   Public transportaion
Fleet managing   Infrastractures   ITS Arcitectrue   Pedestrian safety
Mentoring sys.   Driving monitors   T.M.S    

Types of information products:

Transportation safety products catalog was designed with the intention to be a tool that allows simple and convenient access to user types the following information:

• Product Description
• Specifications
• Compliance requirements
• Overview of relevant studies
• Publications, actual application examples, user response
• Details of manufacturer / importer / marketer.

Whom should be interested in transportation safety products catalog?

• general public seeking to improve the settings orientation and depths of new technologies, offered today to buy status purchase and / or upgrade vehicles.
• vehicle fleet decision makers: Transportation managers, safety officers, operations managers, purchasing managers, deputy directors general responsibilities equipping obtain provisions and company fleets.
• decision makers in the field of infrastructure: transportation engineers, safety engineers and transportation infrastructure, VP s / CEOs of local councils / municipalities / infrastructure

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