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A grouping of national ITS association operates on base of trust en confidence in order to exchange ITS knowledge and information worldwide.

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Events & Conferences
The Israel National Roads Company (INRC), has issued the attached letter inviting companies to a bidders conference in Israel.

The 5th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems (MCIS) 12/9/10 to 14/9/10 in Tel-Aviv. For details

AAL Forum 2010 15/9/10 to 17/9/10 in Odense, Denmark. For details

General Assembly of the eMobility Technology Platform 16/9/10 in Venice. For details:

SMART EVENT 2010 21/9/10 to 24/9/10 in the French Riviera. For details:

ICT Event 2010 27/9/10 to 29/9/10 in Brussels. Registration is now open!

Energy-efficient Buildings, Factories of the Future and Green Cars PPPs on 9/7/10:
for details

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