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Active Crsswalk

Aactive crosswalk - In Pavement Flashing Warning Lights developed to alert drivers to the presence of pedestrians at the crosswalk. This measure, designed to prevent situations of risk of pedestrians hit by cars at the crossing, derived as a result of poor show during the rainy darkness, lack of driver attention or carelessness on the part of pedestrian. Systems are especially suitable for installation near schools and playgrounds, where ever there is a high presence of children. There is several system configurations, nearly all of them equipped in "Cat eyes" ACTIVE, equipped with bulbs / LED. Some of the systems recognize the pedestrian automatically, when it begins to cross the street and some of the systems, are activated manually before starting the crossing. According to the principle of operation when the pedestrian, crossing infrared beam is sent parallel to the sidewalk near the crosswalk, is transferred to the operating signal of a flashing warning to run the "cat eyes". Some of the systems that detect the direction of the crossing operated accordingly the "cat's eyes" chain
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