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The catalog for transportation safety products 
The catalog for transportation safety products intended to publish complete and reliable information about safety and advanced technologies for transportation. The catalog includes technical information, functional information, and access to relevant research examples and actual implementations around the globe. Types of catalog products include passenger protection systems, after market systems and driver safety and aids systems, road infrastructure, information and communication systems, safety systems for pedestrians, public transportation systems, and programming systems to improve driving skills, cognitive skills, technology architecture and transportation infrastructure, driver monitoring systems, fleet management systems Vehicle traffic management systems.

Types of information products:

Transportation safety products catalog was designed with the intention to be a tool that allows simple and convenient access to user types the following information:
  • Product Description
  • Specifications
  • Compliance requirements
  • Overview of relevant studies
  • Publications, actual application examples, user response 
  • Details of manufacturer / importer / marketer.
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