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The 5th International ITS conference in Israel
The Israeli Association for Intelligent Transport Systems is honored to invite ITS organizations' members worldwide to
A Study Trip to Israel
& to the
5-th International ITS Conference in Israel
 Conference Theme:
Communication, Commitment, Cooperation, Concept & Intelligence (C4I) for ITS Market Development
Monday-Tuesday, May 23-rd-24-th ,2011
IAF, Conference Center, Herzliya, Israel
The Study Trip will offer the following activities:
  • An ITS Organization Summit Meeting: discussion on proactive collaboration between ITS organizations world wide & drafting a collaboration convention that shall be presented at the 18-th ITS world-congress, Orlando, USA.   
  • Technical Work-Shops from a selection of various topics.
  • Professional tours (see various options).
  • Business meetings & networking.
  • ITS Israel 5-th International Conference covering the following issues:
    • ITS activities by ITS organizations Europe, Asia-pacific & America.
    • ITS integrated projects.
    • ITS Business environments issues.
The admission is free for ITS members worldwide.

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