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ISR FleetTrack Live
ISR FleetTrack brings powerful live tracking, multiple map views, two-way communications and reporting to a variety of computer platforms and mobile devices. Add customizable alerts and pop-up events, sensor and input monitoring, and geo-fencing. Improve customer service with accurate arrival times, faster pickups and deliveries, timely service calls, and dependable scheduling. Reduce customer response times by locating and sending the closest vehicle with the proper inventory. ISR FleetTrack improves your bottom line with increased efficiencies and will pay for itself in a short period of time!


Operations and Fleet Management 
   FleetTrack Management Software
   Silent Positioning Monitor Hardware (SPM)
   Mobile Data Terminal Hardware (MDT)
   Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
   API and Integration
   Real-Time Passenger Information System
ISR FleetTrack Passenger Information Software
   In-vehicle/In-terminal LED display
   In-vehicle/In-terminal LCD display
   In-vehicle/In-terminal TFT display
   In-vehicle/In-terminal Audio System
ISR Secure Silent Video Monitor (SVM)
   ISR Secure SVM mobile digital video recorder hardware (mDVR)
   ISR Secure SVM digital video recorder software
   ISR Secure IP video camera


Standards Demand
Al ISR products are meeting the highly requirements of ISO 9001, TUV, CE,


How ISR FleetTrack work?    


About the company
ISR Corporation is well recognized as a pioneer in the mapping and tracking industry. From its start in 1986, ISR Corporation has installed custom fleet management systems for governmental and commercial customers world-wide, including the Executive Office of the President of the United States, the Office of National Drug Policy, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the US Army, the US Coast Guard, the Mayo Clinic, Los Angeles Parking Enforcement Division, General Motors Proving Grounds, and over 40 state and local law enforcement agencies. Leveraging this extensive government experience, ISR Corporation developed its full-featured commercial fleet management product - ISR FleetTrack- in 1995. ISR FleetTrack leads the fleet management industry with extensive features and flexibility




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