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Mobile phones for vehicle
A number of technologies have been developed in recent years in order to allow the driver to perform various operations on the mobile phone or other communication technologies, without taking his eyes off the road and hands off the wheel. Technologies are divided into several categories, both in the type of technology and the complexity of use.
  • Operating System Central - voice - Operating System Central - voice, allows the driver to command the operation of applications on the cellular phone (dialing, sending and receiving SMS, fax, etc.), determining the route of navigation in GPS, enabling radio / CD, sending and receiving email and so on. Commands are given to the microphone located on the top front of the driver to allow him to keep his eyes on the road.
  • Fixed Phone vehicle - car fixed telephone, is the spouse of a mobile phone. It has the same number and can continue the conversation that began even before the arrival to the car and move back to the mobile phone when exiting the vehicle. There is regular telephone headset and built-in safety applications that prevent the driver the need to download his eyes from the road. These applications can be found calling and receiving voice-activated call.
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