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Safe Eye System - The system that prevent accident from behind - In Development
Safe Eye system is located in the rear bumper of the host vehicle and warns the tailgate driver by activates full/fleshing brakes lights. The system calculates the range and relative speed of the following vehicle. A sophisticated developed algorithm makes the calculations and decision in order to design an endangering following car. In case of un unsafe distance, the system activates the brake light to warn the tailgate driver
Multi purpose in one sensor  
The system provides in one sensor several kinds of warning:
  • Rear collision warning    
  • Reveres warning
  • Blind spot warning   
  • Lane change assistance   
Types of warning display  
  • Rear Collision warning - full/Flashing breaks lights.
  • Reveres warning - Audio/ visual warning in the host vehicle.
  • Lane change /blind spot - audio / visual warning in the host vehicle.

  • Detection range - 0.5 to 70 m
  • Dimensions - 2.X 6 X. 4 cm
  • Weight - 250 G
  • Temperature Operating - 80 + / 20 -
  • Installation - without engage of car system.
  • Installation time - up to an hour.

Standards Demand 
Electromagnetic radiation  -  free world wide  - TSI EN 300-440
Flashing Brake Light  -  a new EU standard 2011 ECE/TRANS/505/REV.1

Field Operation Test (FOT) under the direction of PhD David Shiner from Beer Sheva university, started  seven months ago and should be completed mid 2012. The study examines the effect of flashing brake lights on drivers who do not keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. The study is performed using data collected by the system during traveling thousands of kilometers all over Israel


About the company  
SDT is Startup Company that develops safety systems to vehicle and driver in the fields of Advance Driver Assistance System . The company began its activity about 3.5 years ago and focuses on the development of unique warning systems technology to prevent rear end collision. The system is designed for all types of vehicles (old and new) with very competitive price that will suit to all the drivers.



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