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The trade Catalog transportation safety products.
Trade Catalogue transportation safety products, designed to bring before the public a comprehensive and reliable information about the advanced technology for transportation safety products and services that offered today worldwide transportation market. Uniqueness of the catalog is how information is displayed to the user to include technical information, functional information, access to relevant research and examples of actual application.

Types of products:
The catalog, include car safety accessories, auxiliary systems, driver aid systems, road infrastructure, safety systems, information systems and transportation, pedestrian safety systems and public transportation systems, systems and programming to improve motor skills (simulators), cognitive (software), ITS architecture, transportation and technology infrastructure.

Types of product information:
Transportation safety products catalog was designed with the intention to become a tool that allows simple and convenient user access to the following types of information: 
  • Product Description.
  • Specifications.
  • Compliance requirements.
  • Review of relevant studies, publications, examples of actual implementation, user response.
  • Details of manufacturer / importer / reseller. 
Who is transportation safety products catalog?
  • General public who wishes to improve his definitions skill of new technologies that proposed today in purchase status and / or upgrade vehicles. Decision makers in vehicle fleets:
  • Transportation managers, safety officers, operations managers, purchasing managers, VP s responsibilities to obtain and provisions in their company or car fleets.
  • Decision makers in infrastructure: transportation engineers, safety engineers and transport infrastructure engineers, vice president of Sea / CEOs of local councils / municipalities / infrastructure companies.
  • Tenders advertisers: local authorities, government agencies and private companies who want to receive information about events in the field of transportation technologies.
  • Manufacturers and service providers, technology developers and service providers, tenders and projects that track to be able to access.
Professional liability;
the ultimate goal is bringing management of all catalog information technology in the transport field, while maintaining the accuracy of the publication, impartiality, clarity of information and reliability. To this end, catalog management consultants will be carried out by a team of experts in the fields of transportation technologies. Staff will catalog management guidance to companies about the type of information is published, showing how the introduction and the duty of representing the terms of sources of support for the publication of the catalog (original certificate from the manufacturer's product, compliance products that require it, research sources relating to that product, market surveys and the like).
Catalog management team has the right to prevent publication not defined by format or display advertising which includes facts that do not comply in line with other publications, or not supported by data / studies / reports and certified standards. However, the published material in the catalog concerning products, developments, services, etc., written opinion will be the responsibility of advertisers.
The catalog will include a public complaints box that will enable the system to catalog comments about inaccuracies and / or lack of information and opinion require checking and updating.

Reliability of information:
Catalog management, will provide the information published in supervision of ITS knowlege expert, in aime to publish reliable information.

Do not see the site's management actions to ensure that the information published in reliable and updated, taking responsibility of any kind. Sole responsibility directly to reliability information relating to products and services advertised on the Site is the company / market / service providers, advertisers on the site.

Catalog advertising policy:
Catalog advertising, publishing platform designed to allow equal for all manufacturers / importers / distributors, with no preference based on advertising investment resources. Catalog, the publication will only products but not selling or disseminate. The catalog is intended for manufacturers, importers, marketing and distribution companies, and various service providers. The intention to expose the entire public transportation safety products and technologies, the publication will include products from around the world. Catalog information about various products and services, will be published as long as the relevant (commercial / practical).

Language publication:
Transportation safety products catalog is (currently) include information in English and other languages in the future.

Transportation Safety Products catalog for publication the following information:
  • Product Description - No cost manufacturer / importer / reseller.
  • Technical specifications - at no cost manufacturer / importer / reseller.
  • Compliance requirements - at no cost manufacturer / importer / reseller.
  • Efficiency studies - at no cost manufacturer / importer / reseller.
  • Articles and Publications - without the cost of manufacturer / importer / reseller.  
  • Information update (ongoing) - No cost manufacturer / importer / reseller.
  • Management of the site encourages advertisers to update the material to keep the level of highly relevant advertising.
Catalog price performance, a uniform annual fee is fixed. Link is charged by the manufacturer / importer / reseller. Price equal to all advertisers will be updated annually.

Delivery period in the catalog:
Catalog advertising is a renewable validity with the annual fee.

Regulation updateRules will be periodically updated and catalog management keeps the right to revise and update the Terms of Use at any time, even without updating the users / advertisers. Obligation of staying abreast of changes in regulations apply to advertisers / users and their only!

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