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Voltage controllers for o
utdoor lighting - LPC1

LPC1 Controller is based on the ability to regulate selective input voltage to individual luminaire, independently from the other luminaires in the system. LPC1 compatible with all HID lamps and does not require any changes in the present electrical infrastructure. LPC1 does not create low voltage at the end of the line which forces lamps to switch off. Further more LPC1 does not cause any electrical interference to any of private or public sectors.
Energy Efficiency is achieved in street light, when full light is not required, by the following facilities:
  • Central voltage controllers that assembled in the switch cabin, drops the input voltage on specific line at constant regimes. This type of controllers creates voltage drop along the line.
  • Electronic ballasts installed in the luminaries.
  • Individual Voltage Controller that can be installed on a gear tray at the bottom of the column serving up to 3 luminaries at the same time. IE type stabilizing the voltage at margins of +/- 1%, enabling voltage regulation of each individual device.


  • Physical size 50x100 mm, assembled on gear tray at height of 50 cm above ground.
  • Easy, fast and low-cost retro- fit, does not require cherry picker or any other special equipment or tools.
  • In case of problem with the controller or with the network, an automatic bypass enables normal operation of the lamp.
  • The controller can be assembled in a box close to any indoor or outdoor luminaries


Standards Demand
LPC1 was tested in well known test lab in Belgium – HILEC- in Dec 2008, resulting with extremely positive recommendations.
Dec 2008 – Pilot installation in street light at Migdal Ha’emek municipality, 37 LPC1 were installed, resulting with 35-40% energy saving, subject to input voltage level. This site operates at present.
LPC1 approved as temporary patent. Elgear requested PCT in USA.
Elgear developed 5 new typed, IE type, based on LPC1 features. IE type ranging from 70 to 700W, compatible with all electrical networks in the world.
IE-RD-400 was tested by IEC – Israeli Electrical Company. Approved for use in the Israeli Outdoor lighting.



IEC – Test results - summary
  • IE-RD-400 does not create any inrush interferences
  • At 230V input voltage the total Harmonic level increased from 0.2% to 1.5%. Voltage level changes increased by 1%. These changes are negligible, however these changes does not occur when the input voltage drops to a level of 226 VAC
  • The controller does not create changes in the harmonic level within the current.
  •  Power factor remains constant
  • Self losses are 1.5W@230VAC and 3W@180VAC
  • Switching operation that decreases the voltage causes cut-off at the sinus wave. In order to minimize the transfer effect the cut-off is done close to the ZERO point.
  • Sample – Input voltage 180VAC, Power decreased by 42% and light intensity by 54%.
  • The controllers has been approved as Energy saving device for street light lamps subject to manufacturer’s limitations.
  • More efforts shall be taken in order to reduce the Harmonic level & transfer effect while switching @ 230VAC.
  • The controller operate in stable conditions during the test duration

 Features & Benefit 
  • Input voltage 110-245VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Integrated storage keeps pre-set parameters.
  • Pure sine wave with stable output power not affected by the network voltage.
  • Several operation regimes during operation hours.
  • Stable light level along lamp life.
  • Self protection enables transferring the entire voltage to the lamp by default. Message will be sent to central monitoring software.
  • Local or remote preset. The controller sends essential information in real time regarding lamp status.
  • 15 minutes pre heat, prior to dimming, accords with manufacturer’s specifications Lamp voltage changes in steps of 2.7V up to 40V less than mains voltage.
  • Fast controller’s Service at the bottom of the column.
  • Extremely long MTBF due to dry cortical components (switches & power)
  • Up to luminaries per controller.

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