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Trafilog - Eco 
Drive system - Driver’s Risk Profile

Trafilog Eco - Drive system focuses on driving safety and analysis of technical skill of the driver. The system offers a complete driving profile creating distinct competitive systems for advanced and proprietary technology. System it has built by Trafilog, combines data received from sensors that measure the G forces acting on the vehicle during driving – accelerations, deceleration , momentum, over steering  and other parameters,  when direct connection to the vehicle computer send data, to the computer for produce a complete driving profile. Monitoring system's driving Trafilog, allows the vehicle fleet manager, monitor driving patterns incorrect, correct them, to reward careful and efficient driving and make sure that the drivers at its disposal team is skilled and responsible.Trafilog driving monitoring system contributes to maintaining the environment by downloading significantly emissions. 

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Hardware components
Telit - 864QUAD.
Quad-band EGSM 850/900/1800/1900.
Antenna - External.
Integrated SimCard reader.
12 channels - High sensitivity.
Antenna - External.
7 variable inputs – 1 for ignition, 6 for general purpose.
VSS input.
3 open collector outputs up to 150mA.
GPRS with SMS backup.
GPRS/SMS – only.
GPRS with Data logger backup.
Communication Method:
Communication Bus single-wire protocol to communicate with external devices.
RS232 for configuration/diagnostic of the unit.
Onboard CANBUS Transceiver
Serial Communication:
2 Status leds.
Other Components:
Electrical characteristics
8v-32v DC.
Operating Voltage:
Active (GSM/GPS) ~ 70mA.
Current consumption:
External 12V DC, 1.3 AH (optional).
Backup Battery:
Other characteristics
Normal Operation -30°C to +80°C.
Temperature Range:
36mm x 107mm x 71mm.
Dimensions (HxWxL):
Aluminium Extruder + Plastic panel.

Standards demand
Trafilog Company, meets all ISO 9001 standards.                                                

Effectiveness research – Event Data Recorder (Co-Pilot) e - Final Research Report - Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in cooperation with the University of Ben - Gurion - September, 2009 Haifa.
Experiment to examine the effect of driving monitoring system, a change in driving patterns, was held for 50 weeks of military fleets that included 12 units, about 350 drivers and 100 civilian rental vehicles. The experiment consisted of three stages. The first stage was hidden stage where E.D.R. vehicle device installed, the drivers were aware of the device at the same time, but they were not exposed to the operation of the device. In the second phase of the experiment were drivers workings of the instrument were asked to fill out a questionnaire about their behavior, their perceptions and attitudes about driving. At The third population practices received feedback every two weeks form printed report in which data were included in their driver's score past two weeks the population of drivers for all comparisons with the vehicle fleet.

Results of the study show that a considerable decrease in the events received by E.D.R. We can also see a steep decline in the rate of travel identified during the second stage is kept relatively stable in the third phase of the experiment.

Trafilog company, trying to change insurance rates for initiative customers that use Trffilog driving monitoring system. The company hopes that the driving monitoring system, its production, will convince the insurance companies that favorably affects the system's driving patterns of young drivers and reduces significantly the chances of involvement in accidents.

About the company
Traffilog is a leading global provider of web-based MRM (Mobile Resources Management) fleet-management and mobile assets solutions that provide customers with significant fuel savings of up to 16%, Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) improvement up to 70%, and up to a 75% decrease in aggressive driver behavior and safety events. Traffilog's solutions are based on proprietary technology that combines vehicle and driver diagnostics, providing drivers and fleet managers with personalized real-time alerts and periodic reports that ultimately improve driving behavior and vehicle mechanical maintenance     



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