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Terms of Use Web site ITS World Portal

ITS World portal site (hereinafter the "Site"), is a site used for the Internet gateway. Use of this website content contained exhibits pages are subject to the terms of use as detailed below. Read carefully the regulations on the use of various terms. If you do not agree to these conditions, please do not to use the site.
This site contains content, research materials, reviews data, advertising materials and advertising technology by any means (sound, print, photo, film or other), used on the internet today and all time. Use these materials freely paid or if the site is owned and owned by any other (third party), which allows users to use the catalog Authority / slide it.
The site, used as storage information published periodically by government agencies, commercial entities, research institutes and various stakeholders. Consequently, management of the site shall have no liability in relation to content on the site and / or any end device is, including their content, their impact on the computers of website users for any damage, inconvenience, loss, grief and so forth, including resulting directly or indirectly caused to you, your property or any third party due to use of these contents.
Site design and included information on it (except for information about the site's management holds no rights of any kind), apply to copyrights and intellectual property. Trademarks on the site are the property of the company - or, if their advertisement, the property of those advertisers only. Do not use them without their written approval in advance.
Services and content available to the visitors / users intended for use (AS IS). Therefore, you will not have any claim and demand of any kind in respect of the level of services, character, or other limitations. Also, the company's management is responsible for damage of any kind which may be caused end-device (computer, cellular, or other), due to use of the site and about the effects and responses of the material published on the site. Any use of the site is the responsibility of users.
The site's management, may make changes to the site (design, content and.) Management of the site does not warrant that the service provided on the site will be uninterrupted, will be without malfunction and / or will be immune from illegal access to computers site. Damages of any kind including software or hardware failures, malfunctions and glitches site servers or communication lines, shall not be held responsible for the management of the site of any kind and she will them to sue the management of the site for any damage, direct or indirect, including mental anguish caused to you or your property as a result.
Management of the site, to avoid as much as possible providing your personal information to third parties unless required to do so would be under the provisions of any law or agreement, including on demand of the competent authority or judicial court order and if you stand against it faces a threat of legal action (criminal or civil). In this case the Company may provide your information, as found in her hand, according to the provisions of any law.
Management of the site may use your information in order to improve the services it offers you a website, and contact you and adjust the site to your needs and preferences, as you choose to do so, the full discretion. Company reserves the right to transfer information related to advertisers with you, including information that may identify you personally, at its discretion.


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