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Passenger protection systems

Passenger protection systems are generally and mean technologies that designed to prevent injury to passengers in the vehicle when an accident occurred, or when a critical change during driving could endanger any of the passengers (deviation from a sudden change of direction, stopping suddenly, skidding on the road, etc.). Passenger protection systems, divided the character they work: 
  • Systems that prevent the passenger, to reach the hard factor that might make him injury and even death (windshield, dashboard, wheel, body composition, etc.). With these systems, include seat belts and safety seats for children. These systems are not active for the most part their role to curb / prevent the free movement of passengers.
  • Systems operated only occur in an accident and their role hard to prevent the vehicle from the parts bent inward after the collision from reaching into the passenger and hurt him. With these systems, include different types of airbags (separate airbags, airbag curtains and integrated systems).  

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