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Events Data Recorder - Pointer - Shagrir
Pointer Shagrir specializes in protection systems, detection and prevention stolen vehicles, providing advanced information services and location-based services for vehicles and people through a national network RF  and satellite GPS technology, Pointer's products are one of the market leaders in the technological level of reliability. Fleet Management System combines with Pointer Web content, allowing viewing from any computer online, from anywhere (worldwide). This application possible for number of users simultaneously, base on smart GPS transmitter installed in the car relays in real time a wide range of vehicle parameters, that collect in the same time by the central information server fleet management software.

Pointer Events Data Recorder software enables:
  • Control over the vehicle fleet - Display locations, directions, speeds, setting up a definition of area squares (coordinate), including an exception from the alerts defined deviation from location/area, vehicle standing while engine still working , cooling box temperature deviation, alert for the vehicle treatment by miles and more.
  • Real-time monitoring of troubled and dangerous driving patterns as sudden deceleration/ acceleration, aggressive steering, driving at excessive, uncontrolled shifting and more.
  • Using the monitoring software, providing instant feedback allows the driver to adopt the desired driving pattern- thereby driving style helps improve safe driving education and safety.
  • Driving monitoring software Pointer, allows the fleet to receive real-time alerts, contact and instruct the driver to change the pattern of dangerous driving.
  • Incorrect tracking of vehicle operation - an effort to load the vehicle is expressed engine (rpm), the climbs, descents and plane (geometry), engine temperature, oil pressure, brake system overuse, overuse of the clutch, improper air pressure in tires, exceeding battery voltage (charging), wasteful fuel consumption, prolonged standing and when the train is driven. 
  • Producing a periodic report every driver, is a primary instrument for tracking fleet manager, with the help he can reward careful and responsible drivers and filter out drivers prone. 

CELLO system
  • GPRS Receiver/transmitter.
  • GPS Receiver.
  • Acceleration sensor to identify forces acting on the vehicle (driver behavior, accident identification, "black box"). 
  • Digital/Analog inputs.
  • RS 232 comunication.
  • Driver identification.
  • Imobilizer. 

 Fleet management software from Pointer Shagrir stands in the high standards of ISO 9001 2008.  Contact to certification

About us
SHAGRIR SYSTEMS LTD. specializes in automated vehicle and personal location. Through its country-wide communications network SHAGRIR also provides command and control, telemetric and wireless data transfer services. SHAGRIR''s flagship product, is the most advanced system for vehicle security and location. Launched in July 1999, the system includes service and distress buttons installed in the automobile. By pressing a button they link you to the emergency centers you require. These services are an integral part of the Pointer package, with the company focusing on applying its advanced technology to provide added value services for the end user. SHAGRIR is the leading provider of Road Side Assistance (SRA) services in Israel. The company uses the most advanced operation systems in 24/7 call mode. Shagrir offers Road-Side Assistance (RSA) to more than 700,000 subscribers and has a large install base of proprietary “Pointer” Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) systems.


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