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 M.S.L - LineLight Series - R2
The LineLight R2 is a high-intensity, heavy duty wired marker for single direction marking that can use for applications like walkways, tunnels, indoor spaces in-ground signaling applications (parking lot entrances, toll plaza lane control etc.), areas with inclement weather conditions (coastal roads, foggy areas, wet and rainy regions, etc.), crosswalks, bike and pedestrian lanes, entertainment areas, parking lots, hotel entrances, gas stations, ships, water crafts decks and many more.

Incredibly durable and long lasting:
  • Stainless steal body
  • Military-grade high mechanical resistance design - resistant to snow plows and other heavy machinery.
  • Highest quality internal components.Absolute water resistance(IP68)
Flexible and Customizable:
  • With a variety of LED colors the R2 can be configured to change colors as needed an ideal feature for applications such as parking lot entrances and toll plaza lane signaling.
  • Adjustable luminance levels.
  • Optional programmable Flashing, sequential flashing or steady lighting and timer configurations.
  • Optional PC, RF and GSM Remote control
Easy maintenance:
A fixed base and a removable main unit body allows for easy maintenance if needed.


Technical specifications
  • Energy source- - Solar modules/External DC feed/Hybrid - Solar & External DC backup feed.
  • Energy consumption - 12V-24V DC, 160mA
  • Illumination technology - 24 x Ultra-bright Ф3mm LEDs.
  • Operating temperature range - -22F to +185F / -30C to +85C.
  • Available flash patterns - Controllable - Flashing, Steady or Sequential.
  • Available colors - White, Blue, Red, Green, Amber.
  • Lighting intensity - Amber, Red,  White, Blue, Green.
  • Light visibility distance - Up to 3,280 feet / 1km (varies according to weather conditions).
  • LED protector - UV-treated Polycarbonate.
  • Case - Aluminum & Anti-corrosion stainless steel.
  • Compressive strength - 1,000kg/cm.
  • Dimensions - Body - Ф 6.29"  x 3.93"  / Ф160mm  x 100mm.
  • Weight - 6.61lbs / 3kg.
  • Water protection - IP68.


Standard Demands

LineLight R2 stands in the highstandards of TUV SUD – GmbH - product safety, quality and usability.
  Link to certificate of standrads aproove.


About us

Moon Solar Light Company Ltd. (MSL-LTD.) develops manufactures and markets solar products in Israel and abroad - check buttons active solar, solar in pavement flash lights , trails and parks (Solar Street Light.) Solar decorative tiles Stairs Trail Marking, walls, etc... The company's products are environmentally friendly green. The company's products approved by standards such as CE TUV IDA FSA and the Ministry of Transport.
SolarPath Sun Solutions (established by MSL- LTD), provides solar energy based solutions to answer the growing need for sustainable energy products in the age of environmental and economical awareness. The variety of products, utilizing the latest sustainable energy advances, is all carefully selected to answer today's industry needs and express the company vision: Economical, Green products, environmentally safe, Long lasting and reliable, Versatile and customizable, Easy, simple and safe to install.

Solarpath solutions  MSL  


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