Info Center
The information center for integrated transportation systems
The information center for integrated transportation systems was established to create the appropriate environment to display the information and development activities, integrating and implementing ITS systems in various countries around the world. The site presents information about the Center for Transportation Technologies, in a manner consistent requirements stakeholders (entrepreneurs, manufacturers, users, researchers, consultants, vehicle fleet management officials, representatives of municipalities and government officials) each had specific information requirements.

The site is divided into four main areas of information:
  • Center - Portal provides general information on events in Israel and worldwide transportation technology - news, events, conferences, exhibitions and other projects
  • Upper bar - specialized information on the activities of factors involved in the development of national and international transport technologies - unions, research bodies, collaborations, field experiments, publications, research, project analysis, combinations, policy (standards, regulations and legislation)
  • Left Bar - Products technological applications which are different safety products, service providers, commercial companies and product development processes. 
  • Right bar - commercial space companies and auctions. 



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