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 SolarPath Series HighLight ML - 80

SolarPath brings you the most advanced in solar powered street, road, path and area lighting. HighLight ML-80 is the premier LED solar illumination technology in its class today. 540 to 648 Ultra-bright High Intensity LED Solar Street lighting means a total lighting solution for any need. Whether the goal is large area or mid-size roadway clarity, our intense and bright, full-spectrum lighting HighLight ML-80 brings solar lighting performance and sustainability to the next level.
Key features:
  • Compact "all in one DIY design" for easy and safe self-installation,
  • Ultra-bright homogeneous LED light distribution,
  • Strong, weather-proof housing design,
  • Vandal resistant,
  • Recommended installation height of  30ft (9m),


Technical specifications
  • Lighting Technology - 540/648 x Ultra-bright LEDs White OR "Warm white".
  • Brightness - Equivalent to an 180w home-use, white (estimate measure for simulation purposes only. May vary) light bulb/
  • On/Off operation - Automatic day/night detection operates at dark/night only. Optional activation by sensors, push-button, computer, wireless receiver and the like.
  • Operation time - Up to 72 hours (per charge cycle).
  • Solar panel type - Mono Crystalline Silicon, 130W.
  • Battery type - Deep Cycle AGM / Gel-Cell.
  • Voltage / Current - 12VDC 65AH.
  • Body - Stainless steel and Aluminum.
  • LED bank lens - UV-treated polycarbonate reflector.
  • Dimensions (Main body) Length Width Height - 55.86" 25.98" 23.62" 1410mm 660mm 600mm.
  • Dimensions (Pole mount diameter) Inner Outer - 4.24" 4.50" 107.60mm 114.40mm
  • Unit weight - Net: 140lbs / 63.7kg
  • For shipping - 158lbs / 72kg
  • Enhanced brightness - Available option
  • Wide angle light spread - Available option
  • 220V/110V AC Hybrid - Available option
  • Wind turbine hybrid - Available option
  • Winter mode - Available option


Standard Demands

HighLight ML-80 stands in the highstandards of CE,  TUV SUD – GmbH - product safety, quality and usability.
  Link to CE certificate of standrads aproove.  


About us

Moon Solar Light Company Ltd. (MSL-LTD.) develops manufactures and markets solar products in Israel and abroad - check buttons active solar, solar in pavement flash lights , trails and parks (Solar Street Light.) Solar decorative tiles Stairs Trail Marking, walls, etc... The company's products are environmentally friendly green. The company's products approved by standards such as CE TUV IDA FSA and the Ministry of Transport.
SolarPath Sun Solutions (established by MSL- LTD), provides solar energy based solutions to answer the growing need for sustainable energy products in the age of environmental and economical awareness. The variety of products, utilizing the latest sustainable energy advances, is all carefully selected to answer today's industry needs and express the company vision: Economical, Green products, environmentally safe, Long lasting and reliable, Versatile and customizable, Easy, simple and safe to install.

Solarpath solutions  MSL  


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