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Cat eyes          
In Pavement flashlights - Cat Eyes

In Pavement flashlights such as "cat's eyes", were developed to highlight the conventional road markings (lines of separation, margin, arrows, banks stones and separating fences), difficult visibility conditions (darkness, rain, snow, fog and dust storms). Use of In Pavement flashlights (cat eyes), up significantly the ability of drivers to see from afar the road markings and avoid risk situations that could cause a car accident (deviation from the path, a decrease from the margins, vehicle collision ahead, etc.), derivatives difficult visibility conditions (including poor vision appears advanced ages).

There are several configurations lamps Highway:
  • "Cat's eyes" passive - prisms return the vehicle headlights light projected at them.
  • "Cat's eyes" active - flashlights with each side, a few lights with filament radiating bright light in color. Lamps are fed a low voltage, which is the road infrastructure (battery / cables in or near the asphalt), or elevated infrastructure (solar charges on electricity poles installed / phone).
  • "Cat's eyes" Active - lights on each side containing a large number of tiny lights radiating light in bright colors with very high and bright LED technology and workers (diode made of semiconductor material, light emitting particles, when electrons are in the region positive to the negative P N). Lamps are fed a low voltage, consume very little electrical load on a short (solar chargers). New generation of these lanterns, used solar charger upper cover.

All lamps marketed products from the road can be installed in any type of infrastructure (asphalt, concrete) and urban.
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