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The last decades, characterized by Technology and economic race that increase the population mobility. By the high side benefits of the population access to jobs and recreation, there are drawbacks derived from the increase in the number of vehicles moving on the roads:
  • Increase the Percentage of accidents risk - high number of victims of road accidents, measured by suffering casualties and their families enormous loss of peripheral damage rehabilitation of casualties and loss of working days.
  • Increase air pollution by burning fuels, short and long term affects of Human Sciences significantly endanger the ecological balance.
  • Increase over time in which the person spends on the roads, causing loss of time from work or spending increases the exposure to mental pressures.
This situation requires systemic solutions which occupies all space technology more broadly. Technological solutions, exists at design-level (architecture and engineering) end products that are in the car or infrastructure. Vast differences between the types of technology solutions and great problems that they have to address raised the need to concentrate the global information on development activities in the transport field under one roof.  
The intelligent and integrated  transportation technology information Center, reviews joint activities to promote transportation safety domain of the World Forum for intelligent transportation technologies, the ITS associations in different countries, national authorities for Traffic Safety, the world's transportation agencies, associations, organizations, infrastructure companies, service providers, fleet vehicles, commercial companies and more. The center contains information about technological developments, studies and researches, regulations, products and services, safety products catalog, reviews about the company's investment in safety and transportation organizations, conferences and seminars worldwide, and more.

Site managed by Micha Bar - Meir, which also serves as Research and knowledge manager of ITS Israel Association.

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